History Of American Warrior Luggage

The Beginning of American Warrior Luggage

In 2009, I was packing for a trip and trying to fit all of my hair tools, makeup, and other necessities into my luggage. My old standby bag was there but it was small and didn’t hold as much as I liked to travel with. In the end, everything would be packed into a duffle bag, as neatly as I could… but we all know how that turns out. One big mess.

That was when I began my search for an all-in-one type of bag. After a quick search, I was surprised that I couldn’t find anything that suited my needs. Although there were toiletry bags available, they only touched on one or two prob

Entry Ultimate Toiletry Bag Product
Entry Ultimate Toiletry Bag Products

lems. There was nothing on the market though that was thoughtfully created for the modern women. That’s the moment I knew I had to design my own.  

For me, the design part was easy, I just made a place for everything I would need and tried to conserve valuable suitcase space. Everything also would need to stay in place all day, so that I didn’t have to worry about things breaking or leaking. Thus, The Ultimate Toiletry Bag was born!

The journey to get here has been a long one, with obstacles and challenges along the way. But through it all, my passion for The Ultimate Toiletry Bag has never dimmed. In 2013, my good friend, Danae Dominguez, joined me in bringing the American Warrior brand to life. This drive to keep fighting, no matter what came against us, inspired us in the naming of our company.

It was the one word we felt described this overcoming and fighting spirit: WARRIOR. Our love for The Ultimate Toiletry Bag and the simplicity it brings into our lives and the lives of many others is what drives us forward.

Thank you for joining us in this journey and always keep that warrior spirit!